Thursday, November 19, 2009

Just another little commuting sheep

Every morning (well, and afternoon, for that matter), I drive about 40 minutes to get to the law school. There are days when I don't mind my drive at all, for various reasons. I have enough time to get to school without stressing (note: this happens like twice per semester), I'm really into whatever music happens to be on the radio/my iPod, traffic doesn't suck and I can actually drive at a normal pace, and no one makes me wish I had a shotgun.

There are days, however, in which my commute makes me want to punch a nursery full of babies. There are days in which I don't allow myself nearly enough time to get to school, and that always seems to coincide with the days traffic sucks, which turns me into a big stressface. Also, I don't know why, but no matter what time I get up, I can almost NEVER get out of the house at a reasonable time, meaning that I am almost always driving like I'm flippin' Ricky Bobby in Talladega. Seriously, I am all trying to draft as I go down the interstate in the hopes that it will get me to school faster.

Further, it's always a good thing when the radio decides to play real music while I drive to school, versus all the yapping that normally goes on. I do not understand people who enjoy morning radio. Sometimes I can handle NPR, because it is all seriousface and I have ZERO sense of humor in the morning. There are all these people on the radio around here, yapping their faces off at each other and then hysterically laughing at just how hysterical they are for like 20 seconds straight. I find myself yelling at them like I'm back in 4th grade, things like "SHUT UP, STUPID, YOU ARE NOT FUNNY," and poking at the buttons on my radio as if I am poking out eyes. Can you tell I'm not a morning person?

That is one thing about being with PB - he is much more of a morning person than I am, which really increases your chances of being a homicide victim if you have to spend significant amounts of time around me. Both he and my dad are question-askers in the morning, something I do not tolerate. "What's the weather going to be like today? What should I wear? What are you going to wear? What are your plans today? What do you want for breakfast? Come watch this human-interest story on the news, isn't that nice?" OMG, NO MORE QUESTIONS. I do not have the ability to speak English at such a high level within two hours of getting up.

The one generally redeeming quality of my long drive is the chance to listen to music and sing at the top of my lungs. And there are days when every song that comes on the radio is the perfect one, or every song that comes on the iPod shuffle is just what I wanted to hear. Sometimes a Sugarland song will come on, and I am just in the perfect mood and while I'm singing I totally AM Jennifer Nettles, and I am singing to a packed house (in my imaginary perfect singing voice, which I definitely do not have). Or other times, some Michael Jackson will come on and I'm dancing on SYTCD, and I am SO GOOD. I hope other people have these music-induced fantasies, or otherwise you're all just going to think I'm a nutcase.

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Lia said...

Commuting is le terrible. I am looking forward to NOT having to do it in the morning next semester. Even if I still wake up at a reasonable(ish) hour not having to be somewhere by 9 am will be glorious.

What am I going to do when I grow up and have to go to work?!