Sunday, September 16, 2012

15 Weeks!

Marination Time: As of today, 15 weeks and 5 days.

Musings on the Weekly Photo: I took this at exactly 15 weeks, before we had to go to orientation for PB's new job at the fire department.  I love this shirt because I feel like I actually look pregnant in it, vs. just fat, which is how I usually look.

Due Date: March 5, 2013

This Week's Produce Item: We're in the big leagues now - it's the size of a navel orange!

I can't believe we're already at 15 weeks/that the peanut we first saw at 6 weeks is that big now.  CRAZY!

Boy or Girl: Well, we still don't know.  I still think boy.  I have had some hormonal drama over finding out, which goes as follows: I switched doctor's offices and went about two weeks ago.  They wanted me to come back October 1st for my anatomy scan (which will tell us boy or girl, among other important things), but October 1st is PB's first day at the fire department and there's no way he could come if we did that.  Now, we aren't going to find out AT the doctor's office because we want to have a gender reveal party.  But if you've never had an ultrasound, I promise you that it is really really super cool to see the baby doing stuff in there.  You know, bouncing from wall to wall, knitting a sweater, whatever it's up to in there.  

So I scheduled an elective ultrasound at a place in Concord for this past Thursday.  And then I found out that my parents planned to leave for the beach on Thursday and be gone all this weekend.  So no party and no finding out this weekend.  I was just all torn about what to do, I was upset that we could go ahead and find out but then we couldn't because scheduling was all wonky, I was upset that PB was going to have to miss (what will probably be) the only exciting doctor's appointment I have between now and going to the hospital, and I was just a general hot hormonal mess about ALL OF IT.

I finally called the doctor back and they begrudgingly agreed to move my appointment to the week before PB starts at the fire department so he can come, and we are going to have our gender reveal fiesta on September 29th.  WHEW.  And that all seemed like a great solution until this weekend came and I realized I could already know and then triple obsessed over it.  Jeez.

Currently Craving: The super hot jalapeno pico de gallo I just bought at Harris Teeter.  Mmmmm mmmm.

Currently Avoiding: Been doing better about some meat.  Some.  If it's sufficiently shredded, I'm okay.  And I also ate Buffalo Wild Wings boneless wings the other day, and the Asian Zing hit the spot.  

Weight: Last time I weighed this week, we were at 137.7.  They say I'm supposed to put on like a pound a week at this point, which seems insane to me, but oh well. It's coming whether I'm excited about gaining weight or not!

Belly Button Status: Skin has now stretched to the point that the little belly button bear is no longer in its cave.  It hasn't totally popped out, but it's not hooded by the little skin flap I used to have before.

Sleep Grade: Other than getting up to pee at least once (maybe twice), A+.  In fact, when PB leaves in the morning he has to peel back my headphones with white noise and shake me to wake me up.

Recent Crazy Dream: I was dreaming all kinds of crazy mess this morning, which all involved the lake house.  There was a huge anaconda type snake that jumped on the dock and was chasing Peggy Sue, the dock somehow became detached from the land and I was trying to attach a rope to it and swim it back in, and like everyone I knew was there for some reason.  Very strange.

Evidence of Pregnancy Brain: Ummm....nothing drastic this week that I can think of.  That probably means I'm forgetting something important.

Symptoms: More belly itching, trying to find clothes that are comfortable and actually fit how I need them to, and had some of my first mild heartburn this week.

Movement: Still few and far between, though I've felt two big events this week - once when I folded myself into the back of a friend's little Ford Fiesta that was all packed up with her stuff because she's changing schools.  Apparently the kid doesn't like for me to lean over all the way and squish it.  Another time was when I had a delicious and nutritious dinner of Taco Bell - I think the kid likes Mexican.

Any Appointments? Countdown to September 27th...and then September 29th, when we actually get to find out!!!

Any baby related purchases? Went to a consignment sale with my friend and her sweet baby and her mom, but I just bought a baby sling.  I thought it was a steal - super cute green with brown flowers for $6!  I also bought some Little Lion fitted newborn diapers that came this week, which were super cheap because the company is going out of business.  I was really not wanting to use disposables even at first, when the baby will be too small for our regular cloth diapers, so I was excited for those to come!

Best/Worst thing to happen in the last week: Best thing - Went to the FAIR this week!  It was so much fun, and we got to hang out with PB's cousin and his fiance a little, which was nice.  I had a fish sandwich, fried okra, and an elephant ear with strawberries and powdered sugar.  So delicious.  Worst thing - Well, I'm dreading this week at work because it means I have to test kids (which I hate doing, because it takes me out of the classroom) and because I know it's going to be a disorganized mess.  I also have some really complicated meetings and paperwork this week....say a prayer for me!!

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