Saturday, September 1, 2012

13 Weeks!

I think this was technically 12w 4d but it's my only non-bathroom picture this week.  Felt a shame not to include it.
This is 12w 6d - mainly so you can see my weird, stretched out belly button!  Creepy, I know.
And this is 13w 1d.  Whoa, belly.

Marination Time: 13 Weeks
Due Date: March 5th, 2013
Boy or girl: I still don't know...and it's driving me absolutely crazy.  But I'm also sure it's a boy.  We'll see.  I go back to the doctor next Wednesday and I'm switching doctor's offices, so I hope that they'll give me an ultrasound.  We'll see!

Currently Craving: EVERYTHING.  I am starving to death.  I am getting "hangry" (hungry + angry). Like right now, in fact.
Currently Avoiding: Still most meat, even though I was able to eat turkey bacon when we had breakfast for dinner last night (and regular bacon at breakfast with my parents on Sunday).  Score one for bacon!
Weight: I can't keep up with the weight gain/loss mess because I was on a super strict diet before I got pregnant and that always involves some rebound weight gain.  So you know what?  I'm going to throw it out there.  Real numbers, folks.  
As of today - we're 136.6.
Belly button status: In - but it is about double it's width.  WEIRD.
Sleep grade: I've been sleeping pretty well, but I am starting to get a lot more uncomfortable on my belly.  So excited that the giant pregnancy pillow that Mom ordered for me came today!  I want to go to bed right now so I can get my happy hips on that thing.  It's fantastic.
Recent Crazy Dream:  I dreamed last night that a teacher friend of mine had a pet squirrel and she was over visiting me and Peggy Sue maimed his arm.  I tried to fix it and I couldn't and it was terrible.  Recently, I've also been dreaming about a baby boy who takes his diaper off every time I turn around.  Let's hope that's not a premonition.
Evidence of pregnancy brain: I've forgotten my phone when I left for work not once, but twice this week.  So annoying, and so not like me.
Symptoms?: Just feeling like a giant and my clothes not fitting so well these days.  And being hungry.  Hungry hungry hungry.  Also, since yesterday I have been having terrible shoulder pain under my left shoulder blade.  Like take-your-breath-away-when-you-take-a-deep-breath pain.  So annoying and I don't even know how I would have pulled a muscle or anything.  Just weirdness.
Emotions: I've been too tired to have emotions what with the first week of school starting.  5am is kicking my tail.  Also my second block is kicking my tail.  I don't know why God decided that this was the particular group of children I would have to take to lunch every day, but whatever I did to deserve it, I'm sorry.  They're not bad, they're just mostly boys and they are ALL "spirited," for lack of a better term.  Wears me out.
Movement: The last few nights I've sworn I've felt a little weird something when I lay down at night and get still.  Probably just by-products of all the food I've been eating. Maybe soon we'll have definitive movement though.
Names: Boy name is in stone, I think because I'm so sure it's a boy.  I'm sort of between two girl names...still like Frances but I have another that I haven't been able to sell PB on yet.

Any appointments?: I'm switching back to my old OB's office and hospital and I am SO excited about that.  Hoping they'll give me an ultrasound because I'm technically a transfer patient now.
Any baby related purchases?: Not this week!  Just got some winter maternity clothes from zulily and the awesome pregnancy pillow that Mom got for me.
Best thing to happen in the past week/ Worst: Best thing?  Probably that PB got a new job that he's really excited about, which means he no longer works far away at the hospital, which means I don't have to drive to that particular far-away hospital for appointments and delivery anymore.  Worst thing? Having to get up early because school's in again.  I love all the new kiddos, but it's just been hard to get up for sure.

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