Saturday, August 25, 2012

12 weeks

Thoughts on the Weekly Photo: We are definitely bumpalicious these days.  Still looks like a beer gut but it's definitely there and it makes the pants not fit well.  

Marination Time: 12 weeks

Weight Gain: Haven't weighed.  Meh.

Clothes: I can still sort of button my jeans but they dig in and kill me after five minutes.  Maternity pants are much more comfortable, or I can wear regular jeans unbuttoned with a belly band.  I can wear almost all of my shirts, though some that were shorter to begin with are now way too short.

Fruit of the Week: Plum!

Name:  Still don't know if it's a boy or girl...still not sure when I get to find out...still obsessing constantly.

Moving: Sometimes when I get still at night, especially if I'm lying on my belly, I get strange rumblings in my tummy.  They're hard to describe and super subtle but I have a feeling it might be baby related?

Sleep: I've been sleeping pretty well ordered me a pregnancy pillow that I am WAY excited about - it's this deal that's sort of U-shaped so it supports you from both sides.  Can't wait til it comes.  

Cravings: Tried to eat chicken tenders at Chili's, couldn't do it.  I can eat chicken salad from Mr. C's but that's about the only meat I can tolerate.  I can also do a tad of seafood (just shrimp or deviled crab, and I can't eat a lot of it).  Haven't had all that many true cravings lately, except maybe the one day I made a special trip to the Greek restaurant to get two delicious pieces of cheesecake.

Annoyances:  I've had a few headaches, but not bad ones like I got in the beginning.  They can usually be knocked out with a soda and Tylenol. No other major annoyances, other than that my belly itches sometimes (I guess from stretching.)

Highlights of the Week: We went to maternal/fetal medicine for our NT scan, and got to see the squirrel in does not like that ultrasound sensor and I swear it looks like it's shaking its fist when the lady pushes on it with that thing.  It flipped all the way over while the tech was doing our scan, which was quite weird to see!  We also got to see it waving its little fingers and such.  Very neat.

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