Thursday, January 27, 2011


It's been awhile since I've subjected y'all to a wedding nonsense post, so today is your lucky day! Things are coming together more and more, and every time we book something else, I do a little happy dance and get more excited.  The more I plan, the more real it seems, and I never thought I'd be so excited about wedding stuff.  

We've almost picked the whole wedding party, with the exception of maybe one more groomsman and bridesmaid (we're still undecided, a little bit, and don't want to make any rash decisions.)  Over my birthday weekend, I asked our family friend Jenna to man the programs, which I'm so excited about, because I love Jenna.  And here's why:

I'll never forget this night at the lake when we were sitting around the patio table with a citronella lamp burning and putting black soot all over the table.  PB stuck his finger in it, smeared it on his face, and then did it to Jenna and she kept asking for more and more.  She is the ultimate tomboy, which is part of what makes her so hilarious and awesome, and her grandmother said, "Ohhhh she'll have to wear a dress," when I asked her to hand out programs.  To which I replied that she definitely did not have to wear a dress! She's the one person who could wear camo hunting coveralls to the wedding and I wouldn't care.

We picked our cake the other day too!  We went to two tastings, and after the first one, I was just sad.  The lady was so sweet, just the nicest person you've ever met, and I wanted to like her cake so much.  We tasted three kinds of cake - strawberry, key lime, and hummingbird.  But they were just dry and didn't even taste like anything.  Terrible, sad cake.  I have been to too many weddings where you just push the cake around on your plate because it is seriously a punishment, and I swore I would not have such at my wedding.

But after the second tasting, hope was restored.  Our cake is coming from Icing on the Edge, because we saw the proprietor at a wedding show the other weekend and she had CAKE TRUFFLES, which can only be described as MAGIC.  She gave Mom and I two each and two to take home to PB...well, PB never did see those cake truffles....whoops. But Sharon is just amazing.  She's been decorating cakes since 1980 and now she teaches Wilton classes.   She has a million Wilton and Martha Stewart books and she went through all of them with us and custom designed our cake.  Not to mention I wanted to kiss her when I tasted her strawberry cake with whipped cream filling.

Here's one of her cakes that I sort of based our design on.  Mainly though, we're just using the icing patterns from that cake. The whole thing will be round, with those icing patterns on each layer (we're having four layers total).  It's going to be white on white, like this one - but with GLITTER.  All over.  And no fondant bow on top - we're putting raspberry pink roses and perhaps a cake topper nested in there somewhere, probably a monogram one.  

And now for my favorite part - the flavors!  The big bottom layer and the top layer that we'll cut will be strawberry.  The two middle layers will be one key lime and one lemon.  I'm hungry just thinking about it.

So anywho, that's where we are on wedding planning.  Next up comes invitations and programs, and a final decision on what the bridal party is wearing.  Getting close to just eight months now!

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Anonymous said...

Ah! How exciting for you =) I have to say, as someone who has been to 20 + weddings and in 8 more, the cake is super important. I sometimes judge the success of the wedding (or, ok, the reception) on how delicious the cake is. So I'm glad you found one that you like! Can't wait to see pictures of everything in eight months!!!