Saturday, January 15, 2011

Yay Saturday!

Whew, today has been crazy.  Started out bright and early with a trip to try on my dress and get it altered!  Thank the dear sweet lord that my dress doesn't need a thing except about 6 inches cut off the bottom - otherwise, it fits like a glove.  So in the interest of getting things checked off the list sooner rather than during bar studying, I made an appointment to meet the alterations lady today.

It was so good to be back in my dress, since I haven't put it on since we bought it in September.  I sometimes dream that I go to put it on and I have grown to such a giantess size that my leg won't even fit in it, but thankfully those dreams did not become reality and it looks just as good as it ever did.  So that was step one.  You might remember my shoe indecision from a few months ago.  Well, upon the advice of my friend J who had just gotten married in uncomfortable shoes, and lots of other people who are practical, I decided I really needed those darn expensive flip flops.  And my sweet mom got them for me for Christmas.

But hey, the way I figure it, the hot pink heels I bought were $116.  I'm not the type to go prancing around in hot pink 4 inch peep toes on a random Tuesday.  These sandals?  I see me wearing them to dinner with a sundress every night on my honeymoon, wearing them with jeans when we get home and just generally getting 100 times more use out of them than those pink torture devices.

Anywho, that brings my story full circle - I had never tried the dress on with the shoes.  And much to my surprise, the alterations lady scoffed at me!  First, you should understand that I was not dealing with Stacy from What Not to Wear.  This lady could have been Jim Bob Duggar's more conservative grandmother.  Gray hair in a bun, long denim skirt, granny glasses.  And this frumpmuffin has the nerve to say, "Well it's just really hard to walk elegantly in flats."  And sigh about the hem and say things such as, "Well if you're really stuck on those shoes, I guess..." and "You know not all high heels are 4 inches tall, you could at least wear something lower."

Maybe she doesn't understand.  See, I dance the same at a wedding reception as I do when I am at home in my underpants with the blinds closed and Michael Jackson on the iPod.  I do not foxtrot.  I shake it.  And at my own wedding reception, I expect to do just that.  I will probably be homicidal if my feet hurt.  So the alterations nazi can bite me.  I swear I didn't have a Bridezilla moment - can you believe it?  I was quite proud of myself that I was so nice.  Do not force me into heels, woman!  I am not that girl!

But if Alterations Nazi did not please me this morning, let me tell you what did - Trader Joe's!  I know, all of you fancypants people have had TJ's for 100 years and its magic is probably no longer magic.  But for me?  Amazing.  TJ's involves a 20-30 minute drive from home, but boy is it worth it.  I've now had two TJ's trips in the last 2 weeks, and my cabinets are starting to be full of TJ's goodness.

My most favorite items that you must not miss if you are a Trader Joe's shopper:

1) Tomato Basil Bisque.
Just ate a container of this - it was amazing.  Chunks of tomato, a ton of basil, and basically perfection.

2)  All Natural Tea Tree Facial Cleansing Wipes.
Here's a word to the wise - be RULL CAREFUL not to get this stuff in your eyes when you use it.  The packaging and the naming and the all natural ingredient list would lead one to believe that the substance soaking the face pads is akin to the teardrops of fairies.  However, it is really about 50 times more potent than alcohol and you will feel that you are blinded.  I know, because I have felt such.  But the odd thing was that after I used it, my skin was clean and makeup-free but not dry!  Amazing! And perfect for the lazy girl like me who hates face-washing.

3)  Spicy Chai Latte Mix
Okay so the one drawback to this is that it's 170 calories per cup.  But it's so delicious, it's worth it for a splurge.

4)  Frozen Guiltless Indian Meals
They have several different ones in the frozen foods section, and they are all right around 300 calories.  Some are less!  And with no good place to get Indian food around here without slaving in the kitchen and making my house smell like curry, I'm very excited about having some healthy chicken tikka masala to pop in the microwave for lunches.

5)  A Fig Walked Into a Bar
These are like Fig Newtons on 'roids, yo.  The outside part is so cakey and delicious, there's more fig filling than in the Newtons, and they are only 120 glorious calories.  They also come in about five different flavor varieties if figs freak you out (in which case we can't be friends).

Mom says TJ's is like what Aldi would be if Jimmy Buffett ran it.  A statement that I would definitely agree with, except for the fact that everything is so cheap at TJ's.  No $500 Margaritaville blenders to be found!

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Anonymous said...

I will have to try these tea tree facial cleansing wipes. They sound divine!

I can't believe the alterations lady didn't like your flats. It's YOUR wedding, YOUR shoes, YOUR feet, not hers! She has no right to say that to you. At least in my opinion. I think flats are totally acceptable and you can walk elegantly in them. (Although I also love the fact that you bought hot pink heels as well, even if you don't wear them!)