Sunday, January 9, 2011

Inside Out PJ's!!

Tomorrow is the first day of my LAST semester of law school! Let me tell you, that feels straight up awesome. For anybody else in law school, I think you'll agree with me when I say that the entirety of 3L year seems like a ginormous joke filled with things I really don't need to learn and are not applicable to the real world. So I'm ready to be DONE!

Right now though, I'm sitting here with my pajama pants on inside out, hoping for snow instead of law school. I'd never heard of this pj's-inside-out thing until 1L year at South Carolina when Lia told me about it. See, I was always told that if you wore anything, pajamas or otherwise, inside out - then the hobgoblins would get you. Don't ask me to specifically define "hobgoblin" or what "getting you" might entail, but it sounds pretty scary and I kind of feel like I'm taking a risk in the name of snow. Oh well, it's 3L year, time to live dangerously.

What I'm hoping for is a snow party tomorrow instead of law school, because I feel like that would be a pretty epic way to spend the last first official day of school ever. I'm hoping for using the snow as a cooler, sledding, snowball fights, weenie dog in the snow, and then hot tub and wine time. See, doesn't that sound better than Civil Procedure II and Alternative Dispute Resolution from 1-6?

Anywho, enough talking about snow, I fear I might jinx it. I realized I never updated y'all on Christmas, probably because I had the sinus infection of Satan and felt like poo all day, and mainly wanted to just go home and wallow on the couch. But I did get awesome stuff, which I will proceed to tell you about. The beauty of this Christmas was that PB and I had a registry, which means easy, fantastic gifting. Anytime anyone asked me what I wanted, I just referred them to the registry, which leads me to believe that everyone should have a running gift registry at all times, just because.

#1 - My Roomba.
It is humming around the room as I type and man is this thing wonderful. I have two cats, one of which is a Maine Coon and thus sheds her butt off all the time, and now a dachshund. She doesn't shed, but she has to go out all the flipping time, so that translates into me tracking in leaves and debris and all manner of yard randomness. Further, I am Captain Lazy when it comes to housework, and this is a lazy girl's dream. Amazing.

#2 - My Hoover Pet Rewind Vacuum
What can I say? It was a sucky Christmas. But y'all I was in desperate need of a vacuum that worked. And if you're not into spending approximately 83 years worth of your salary on a Dyson (because I'm not), get this thing - it works just as well as my mom's Dyson and it was like half the price. A+

#3 - This Amazing Watercolor of Lafayette Square
PB and I got engaged in Lafayette Square on 8-9-10 and my stepmom got us this awesome print of an ink and watercolor by a Savannah artist. I can't wait to hang it up!

#4 - A Goody Bag of Sephora Wondrousness
I am a giant believer in Sephora's sampler packs. I got my mom the perfume sampler last year, where you get about 50 different samples of perfume and a fifty dollar certificate to get one after you test all of them out. This year, Mom got me a sampler of about 1.3 billion different mascaras and lip glosses. AMAZING. Frontrunners so far are the Multipleye mascara and the Bare Escentuals Buxom Lip Gloss.

Okay, snow, check. Christmas recap, check. Here's the part where I ask for a giant favor!

PB and I are in one of those ridiculous "cutest couple" contests on ye olde eff bee. If we get the most votes, we win a free photography package! And I like free stuff. I am also RULL competitive and I like to win. So this is a serious deal for me. Here's how you can help me fulfill my deepest dreams:

Go to the Amy Douglas Photography page on Eff Bee, become a fan, and then like our picture! (We're the #1 picture, Meredith & Phillip). And see, now you get to stalk our pictures! Win-win. Takes two seconds. And you'll get at least 20 karma points for doing it. (Okay so I made up the whole karma points system, but I mean doing something nice has gotta get you somewhere.)

Thanks guys! And fingers crossed for snow!!

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Anonymous said...

Glad the inside out PJ think worked. maybe I'll try it tonight as I'm hoping for a snow day from work tomorrow.... :)