Thursday, January 13, 2011

snowcation is over :(

I am so much better at snowcation than I am at real life. Lawyering school was back open today, so no more switching from sweatpants and Snuggie to snow clothes to bathing suit (for the hot tub) and back. I will say though, we had a fantastic time with the snow.

Day one, we took Peggy Sue out to play and produced the lovely picture you saw before. The snow was officially one wiener dog deep, so she had to sort of leap every time she wanted to run. I know her speed didn't drop below 40 miles per hour the entire time she was outside. She was also fascinated that the snow kept producing prizes, like the fantastic stick seen above.

We headed to the park for some sledding, because PB and I are actually 10 year olds. There must have been a million kids there, with the best arrangement of homemade sleds I think I have ever seen. There were people with tarps, cardboard, trashcan lids, boogie boards, and even a Superman inflatable pool float. Sledding was awesome, but boy will it make you tired. Turns out I am not really a 10 year old, but an old lady who was exhausted and freezing after 45 minutes.

Hence, spent the rest of the day in my snOMG pants, pictured above. Snow requires chili and stew - nothing else works for dinner when there's snow on the ground. Made white chili with this miraculous McCormick seasoning that I highly recommend. Throw some chicken (leftover, rotisserie, grilled, poached, even canned - it all works), beans, Ro-Tel and corn in a pot with that stuff and you have a deliciously amazing dinner in 10 minutes. Miracle in an envelope.

Day two, we decided to go much more hardcore with the snow. We went back to the park, because for the most part, there was just too much salt on the roads to produce good sledding. However, we brought our friends T and J, and we came super prepared. Mainly, I mean that I made sangria, we poured it in our leftover giant styrofoam cups with lids from Chick-Fil-A, and J and were your friendly neighborhood park wine-os. I started to understand the appeal of drinking wine from a paper bag on a park bench.

Since it iced over the snow, the park became significantly more epic. There's an absolutely giant hill that dumps into a creek, so every time you pick up to about 50 mph, there's a moment where you think you're definitely going down the eight foot drop off into the icy creek. Aaaaaand for a few people, that definitely happened. No one was hurt, but I might have been laughing a little inappropriately anyway, due to all the sangria. See in the picture below? Just beyond the amphitheater, that part before the trees that looks like a giant drop-off really is. Bet that wasn't fun.

Later in the afternoon, the neighborhood potheads came out, and I had a lovely time watching them all fall on their faces as they tried to snowboard down the hill on boogie boards and skateboards without wheels. But then we decided that probably the few parents that were left might decide they didn't like all of these shenanigans, and well, we were drinking wine out of cups ourselves, soooo, better to hightail it out of the park.

We ended up finding a dead end road with a cul de sac, which was entirely coated in ice. We really only did about 5 passes apiece down that hill though, because it was sort of a death wish. You'd go hurtling down the ice, only to jump the curb and land in a giant hill of ice-coated brush.

See? That's so pretty.

Jeez has it been hard to get back to real life though. Snow days took away all urgency I had to do anything school-related. Okay, let's be honest, did I have any urgency anyway?

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