Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Inception of the Golden Year!

Happily, I have officially made it to 23 as of the 23rd.  Apparently, that makes this year my golden year - I hope that holds true!  So far, I would have to agree, because I have pretty much been having a birthday week that hasn't ended yet.  How about a quick rundown, shall we? 

First, Lia came to visit!  See?  Here she is with Peggy Sue (who is that blur you'll notice in Lia's hands.)  
We had a pretty relaxing weekend - eating a ton of Japanese food (one of my favorites), watching football, and Netflix streaming, and generally just hanging out.  

This week, it's been birthday continuation!  I love it!  Last night was a big family Longhorn trip for my grandmother's birthday/my birthday, and I got my present from my grandparents - a wine fridge! Amazing!

It holds sixteen bottles and fits perfectly on my bar.  There's something about having 16 chilled bottles of wine that just makes you feel like you don't have unsolvable problems.  

Tonight, we're going to Mickey and Mooch with our friends T and J and I. Can't. Wait.  This week is Charlotte Restaurant Week, and some of the best restaurants around these parts have three courses for $30.  Now generally, I am way too much of a cheapskate to even consider paying $30 for one meal, but these are seriously some of the best restaurants we have, and I think it's an awesome deal!  So tonight, I'm looking forward to the house salad with candied walnuts, three delicious lobster tails, Charleston grits, and, perhaps what I'm most excited about - carrot cake.  Y'all, this is what all of their cakes look like - AMAZING.

You can see why I'm so excited.


Anonymous said...

Well happy belated birthday! I love the wine bar; I've always wanted one of those. I'll have to invest in one or ask for one if/when I get married someday I think. Enjoy that cake tonight; it looks divine!

Meredith said...

Thank you! The cake was simply amazing!