Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Brain Fried

Here's the best I can do right now - a brain dump post.  So here's what is UP with me, yo.

  • There are roughly 3840300929222 things that I absolutely did not learn in law school.  That someone apparently now thinks I should know.  I hate this.  It is muy stressful.  And it's not even remotely or mildly interesting or entertaining.  And sometimes makes me want to punch a schoolbus of tiny baby orphans.  
  • I had to evict my cat.  Before you go crying all ASPCA on me, she's on the screen porch, with her cat tree, plenty of food and water, and plenty of visitation from me.  And her cat box, which she ignores, which is why she's there.  I decided that inappropriate peeing on my rugs (I think we're up to about 10 of them now that have been thrown out), my carpet that had to be replaced, the arm of my couch once, my bathtub, and now my bathroom sink - is not acceptable.  And then I put her outside and she went poo in my one of my crocs I have out there to wear when I'm goofing around the yard.  I told PB and he said, "Well, that's a croc of sh*t."  He was right.
  • We had an epic lake party the other weekend that about took me a whole day to recover.  It was amazing.  Turns out when you make a huge batch of sangria including 16 bottles of $2 wine from Aldi, and people keep adding things like Triple Sec and mango rum (I think) to it, strange things will happen.  But we had a band, about 70 people, and some DELICIOUS cake.  Strawberry and orange.  I would post a pic but they're on PB's iPhone and not mine and he ain't here at the moment.
  • I haven't cooked a real meal, actually done laundry, or seriously vacuumed my house in about two weeks.  I just clear out the cabinets and wear my Snuggie a lot.  Whoops.  Need to get better about that.
  • I ordered some awesome things whilst tethered to my computer.  Por ejemplo - this dress for my rehearsal dinner.  Sequins, woop woop!  Also, these awesome bra tops from VS (bra tops are such an amazing invention):

Just looking for those pictures made me want every.  Single. Bra. Top.  Must close window.

Okay, that's it, all the words I can manage.  Not even a Ten on Tuesday at the moment.  Maybe next week.  Til next time!

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