Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ten on Tuesday!

Taking a little study break (you don't want to know about the studying, it's terrible) - to do a photo edition of ToT! Though you do have to excuse the crummy iPhone pictures.  Can't get the nice camera to work.  Boooo.

As always, thanks to Chelsea for hosting!
This wonderful photo idea provided by Molly at Considering Campbells.
1.  Your favorite piece of furniture in your home.
This is a sideboard that my great, great grandfather made himself.  How cool is that?  It's really my favorite piece of furniture in the world, it's so unique.

2.  Your favorite thing on your wall.

It's a pen, ink and watercolor of Lafayette Square where PB and I got engaged.  It was an awesome Christmas present from my stepmom!
3.  Your bed as it looks right now. 

Yep, it contains PB since he was at work all night.  Beauty of it is, I can go in there, turn on lights, take pictures, cover him in shaving cream - he'd never know.  
4.  Your pantry.

Lots of delicious snack foods in there.  Very necessary for bar study.  Mmmm.
5.  Your favorite piece of jewelry. 

You knew I'd say my engagement ring, right?
6.  Your favorite book.

Don't know that I would call it my all-time favorite - but definitely the best book I've read in awhile.  Original, fast-paced and exciting.  Not so much thinking but not mindless either.  Definitely the perfect contrast to bar study.

7.  Your most comfortable shirt.
I pretty much have every color of these tank tops from Target.  They're loose, comfortable, and perfect for hot summer weather.

8.  Your messiest room.

Probably the living room right now because I just have bar study stuff, random snack packaging, and randomness in general sitting around while I study.  

9.  Your house shoes.

I don't generally wear them in summer.  And if I do get them out, Peg just thinks they're awesome chew toys.  So I'm not so big on the house shoes thing.

10.  Yourself.
Me and one of my favorite things: a big ol' plate of raw oysters.  Mmmmm.

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