Sunday, May 1, 2011

Royal Schmoyal

Okay, I am super tired of all this royal hootenanny, but I'm going to have to put my two cents in about it before we close this topic for good.  I sure as monkey nuts didn't get up at 5:00 to watch that mess, but you couldn't be ten feet from a TV for the next 48 hours without having it broadcasted into your head.  And needless to say, I have A Few Thoughts.

First.  I agree that Pippa looked hot.  This is a true statement.  However.  Has no one else noticed that Pippa and her tiny Lollipop Guild of flower girls were all wearing white?  Has no one remembered that only the bride wears white to the wedding?  I mean I'm not suggesting that they all should have been in Pepto pink, but white?  That's grounds for me snorting like a bull and taking a run at you if it's my wedding, I hate to say.

Further, my mom pointed this out and she was right.  Wills is bald, man.  Shouldn't there be someone in charge of The Royal Bald Spot?  A Royal Rogaine Wrangler?  Because this makes Wills less attractive. But I like Harry better anyway.

Speaking of Harry v. Wills, Harry's costume was also much cuter, don't you agree?  Will's had a little Mountie feel to me.  I'm sure it has some fantastic military significance or some such, but yeah, the navy looks much better.

And finally, because this is obviously an important topic, I liked Kate's dress alright.  However, did anyone else feel it made her boobs just look REAL STRANGE?  Because I did.  Sorry.  It's all I can see.

But overall, I will say that I did watch Ryan Secrest's special on the "Road to the Altar," as well as Ann Curry's Dateline on lovely wedding.  Perhaps my heart grew a few sizes, like the Grinch's, and I was able to partially appreciate it.  I know, you wouldn't think that from all of my snide comments above.  But who wants me to gush about what a Minnie McSkinny that Pippa is?  You know I had to nitpick, it's more fun that way!

I hope you all have enjoyed having your IQ go down about 10 points just from reading this post of intellectual significance.  Hope your weekend was lovely!

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