Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wine & Love!

Loving this new link-up from Walking with Nora!  Here's what I'm loving and what's driving me to drink today.

What's got me popping a cork:

The royal wedding.  
Yes, I want to see what Kate's dress looks like just like everyone else does but GOOD LORD, must everything be royal-themed this week?  If they don't get married already, I'm gonna need a royal barf bag.  

All this scary weather we've been having lately.  
It wasn't easy to go to bed last night knowing that so many people have been affected by tornados and that they were calling for possible tornadoes here.  I slept with my phone next to me and signed up for text alerts from one of our local news stations.  It only went off twice, and for counties other than mine, but it still wasn't a good feeling.  Fortunately I woke up this morning to no damage at all, and not even a power loss.  But I'm sad for those who have lost so much lately.

Exams cramping my style.
Y'all I am SO not motivated.  Law school classes are officially done and I'm ready to squeak on out of there.  Over it!  As of Tuesday, I'll be done forever - and it couldn't come soon enough.

What's putting a smile on my face:

The amazing deep-fried burger I had last night.
We went to a new place that opened downtown and I ordered what's supposed to be their specialty - the beer-battered, deep-fried burger.  Basically it's a heart attack on a bun.  But I'm a sucker for anything deep fried, and holy amazeballs, it was delicious.  Though one of the things on my wine list should have been the deep-fried burger hangover I have today.  Ugh.  Not something I could do every day for sure.  But what a fantastic concept!

Spring weather!
Even if it does mean storms, I am so ready for temperatures that stick in the 80s every day.  I am such a sucker for summer weather.  

Having a weenie dog sleeping on her back on my couch.
No further explanation needed.  Extreme cuteness.

Did I mention I'll be done with law school ENTIRELY on Tuesday?
Praise the dear sweet baby Jesus for that.  

Planning our Rock the Dock party!
We're having a big band party at the lake toward the end of May - good music, a cookout, and probably a giant batch of Cherry Lemon Sundrop modified and/or sangria.  How could you not be excited about that?

Going for an awesome run this afternoon.
Did you see the picture of the burger I posted?  Clearly, I need it.


What's got you reaching for the wine this week?  What's making you whistle Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah?

Go link up over at Walking with Nora and tell us!

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