Monday, April 4, 2011

Lazy Monday Post. Of course it's in list form.

Oh, Monday.  The weather is amazing here - I hope it is where you are too - and I just want to be out on the porch with a glass of white wine and my Kindle.  But instead I'm in civil procedure.  Oh well.

Here's what I've been up to this weekend:

1.  Low carbing.  Low low low carbing.  I've been doing this just about every spring for the last few years to get off the five or ten pounds of polar bear weight that I put on every winter in the form of cheese fries, pie, beer, and fettucini alfredo.  It can be a real pain in the butt, because it means not eating any of my favorites.  No potatoes, corn, pasta, pita bread, sangria, or Little Debbie snack cakes.  Not even a morsel.  God, it hurt me to even list those things out just now.  The benefit?  I hate being on the perpetual diet train, and this junk works FAST.  I'm talking about going from 130.5 to 125 in about five days.  Better to treat dieting like ripping off a band-aid than slogging through quicksand for months.

2.  Grilling out with some of our awesome friends who also happen to be members of our wedding par-tay!  Some of my favorite Friday nights are spent putting a few steaks on the grill and just relaxing.

3.  Working on The Furniture Situation that was the subject of my last post.  My spirits lifted a lot when PB and I went down, loaded up pretty much every single handmade thing in my great-grandparents' house, and took it to the lake.  I spent the afternoon sitting in my great-grandmother's rocker on the screened porch, and it was nice.  Things are getting better in that regard, at least for now.

4.  Slugging around at the lake with my parents and J.  She came down on Saturday and the poor thing became an indentured servant, unloading furniture with all of us - but then we did some much-needed relaxing.  Knitting, staying up and watching some wonderfully goofy Hallmark movies and 48 Hours Mystery episodes.  We laid out on the dock on Sunday morning and I managed to get a whole lot of sun in a short amount of time!  Made me feel like it was summer already.

5.  And now, Mingle Monday!  I haven't done this in a few weeks because my motivation level is pretty low when it comes to doing much of anything on a Monday besides wallowing on the couch.  But Mingle Monday is fun!

Mingle 240

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