Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mother's Day Awesomeness

Because I'm engaged and I've been stressing about wedding invitations forever, I'm a fan of Wedding Paper Divas on Facebook.  That's how I found out that their parent company, Tiny Prints, is offering a great Mother's Day deal.

Just become a fan on Facebook and they'll give you a code for a free Mother's Day card!  I did one for my grandmother, and scheduled it to be mailed the week before Mother's Day, directly to her, so that I don't even have to do anything else.  Their cards are also super-cute.

Here's what I did for The Nana:

There's the front of the card...and here's the inside!

Isn't that precious?  I did have to pay for the 44 cent stamp, the discount code didn't cover that.  But I thought it was a great idea for Mother's Day!

*Note: I didn't get anything at all from Tiny Prints or Wedding Paper Divas - I just suck at Mother's Day and thought this was a great idea and that maybe it would help some of y'all too!

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