Friday, April 22, 2011

Whineface Alert

Occasionally, this happens.  I am just in a weird funk and cannot bring myself to write.  I think it's just that graduation is coming up, which feels entirely meaningless.

Mainly this is because the Barbri book fairies just emailed me to say my Giant Box of Books Designed to Teach the One Million Hours Worth of Things I Did NOT Learn in Law School has shipped.  Gulp.  Y'all, I don't study.  Really, I don't take things seriously, especially law school.  I was an English major, where my professors were glad to read my happy little ideas and as long as they were marginally well-written, reward me with a pat on the back and an A.  In law school and on the bar exam?  There are these things called correct answers.  I really suck at coming up with/memorizing/analyzing the correct answer.  Also the fact that I never was interested in law school.  Or what we were learning.  This is really going to spell trouble for me.  I also suck at self discipline.  Another issue.

Further, I guess it all feels ridiculous because there are NO jobs out there.  There are like a million people graduating from all seven of the giant law schools in this state that basically has one major metropolitan area.  So for the say, one or two job openings that do exist - there are a million people competing for them.  I don't like it.

So basically, I haven't been writing, because I have been a giant stressball who does nothing but feed this terrible internal we're-going-to-starve-when-I-graduate inner monologue that has been playing on repeat inside my head for the last few weeks.

Hopefully, I'll just be able to throw myself into studying and being busy and not thinking about it when the Giant Box from Barbri comes and you guys will get to hear about my non-studying adventures more.  Sorry for the whinepants post.  But you know, just had to get it out there.

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