Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter weekend in pictures

If you couldn't tell, we spent it at the lake.  That would be PB, me, T, J and Peg.  Who is the only one not in Crocs.  And I'd also like to note that I bought a pair of pants at the most podunk Wal-Mart in the world.  They cost $12.  I love them.

It ain't Easter if I don't get to be the Easter egg warden!  I successfully bossed everyone around into making pretty eggs.  See, aren't they pretty?  Love Easter eggs.

And this is a fantastic Craigslist find - it's a coffee table.  And a foosball table. Classy!

Sitting in what everyone dubs the "little chair" - I disagree with that characterization.  It fits me perfectly and everyone else needs to stay out of my chair.  And I'm drinking sangria!  Wearing Wal-Mart pants!  Yes!

That little black blob?  It's Peg, sunbathing and exhausted from lake swimming.  

My Nana made cake.  Oh dear Lord, heavenly cake.  White cake, fresh strawberries.  Never had better.  Don't think I ever will, either.  GAH.

And finally, my favorite picture of the weekend.  Jenna, putting up the flag for our little putting green we created in the side yard.  She looks like she just conquered Everest.  I love it.

Hope you had a wonderful Easter!  How did you spend yours?

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