Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday Mish-Mash

Hope you've all had a lovely little weekend!  Since most of mine was eaten up by the Praxis on Saturday, I kind of built an extra day into mine and PB and I came down to the lake yesterday.  Since my parents are both at work, it's just us, and we had a nice little relaxing day.  We got up early and went to breakfast at the Badin Lake Family Restaurant - nothing better than some eggs, bacon, and fresh tomato for breakfast.

And after that, PB and I stopped at this house on the way back to the house that has a "dachshund puppies for sale" sign in front of it.  I begged PB not to go because I really didn't have any faith in my ability to come home without another puppy if I saw them.  I am very proud of myself though - we left sans puppy.  They were super cute and all but to be honest, they seemed pretty wormy to me (come on, doesn't everyone know you have to de-worm puppies or their little bellies get all blown up?)  And also we just weren't sure they were full blooded dachshunds.  Not that that matters SO much, but I think they were maybe sort of passing them off as such just to increase sales.  Though I have to say - come Christmas break time, I do think I want another.  People say they're like potato can't have just one.

So the rest of the afternoon has been spent studying (must. pass. this. Praxis. on. Saturday.)  I know, I'm tired of hearing about me studying too.  But at least this is my view.  

Peg says hi.

I've also finally really got into my summer gardening.  I can't believe it took this long, I don't know what's wrong with me! Normally I'm at the nursery snapping up every plant they have and I'm in a wifebeater and my John Deere gardening gloves filling up every single one of the 4 million pots I own.  I finally got around to putting out geraniums, replacing my pansies with begonias, and filling up some pots with something I'm newly obsessed with - portulaca.

It doesn't require much water, it blooms in those gorgeous colors all day long and then closes up at night - and best of all, it's a perennial!  Love.

And finally, I had to end on this note.  I took this picture in the Mr. C's parking lot when PB and I stopped to get a chicken salad sandwich (for me) and a Super C (a double cheeseburger) for PB.  Nothing like Jesus and the Virgin Mary in a wooded scene.  And also deer. 


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