Thursday, June 2, 2011

Wine & Love!

Teaming up with Nora at Walking With Nora for another Thursday edition of Wine and Love!  Feel free to head on over and link up - tell us what's got you needing vino and what you're in love with!

{ What's got me reaching for the wine glass... } 

*Too.  Much.  Studying.  Keeping up with the Barbri schedule plus trying to keep my Praxis knowledge up has got me going at a breakneck pace.  Ugh.  But at least it can be a breakneck pace in my pajamas.

*When your house just gets to that certain level of slightly messy and grimy around the edges.  And I'm just used to the clutter-y stuff that needs to be put away and the floor that needed to be vacuumed two days ago, so I don't necessarily DO anything about it...but am just slightly annoyed by how there are little bits of clutter everywhere and dirt on all the baseboards.  Gotta fix that.

*The weather always makes it to either the wine or the love list it seems, and this week it's on the wine list.  Y'all, it is 95-freaking-degrees outside and it has been for like a week.  Also the humidity is raging.  Means I can't break out of my cocoon for my daily runs to get me re-focused and feel like I don't stare at the same four walls all day.  Come on, it's barely even June!

{ What I'm loving this week! } 

*PB and I entered a little Facebook photography contest and got a sweet discount from Amy Douglas Photography on a session!  We went out to a park that I've never been to before, which is like a little restored railroad town.  Y'all, it is so neat!  And there were tons of awesome places for pictures outside - trees, fields, white picket fences, old buildings, all sorts of stuff.  It was hot as Hades, but we managed to survive and I can't wait to see the pictures in a few weeks.

*I got a dress for my rehearsal dinner!  Sequins!  And white!
And I practically stole it from Nordstrom, it was so on sale.  Can't wait to wear it with my crazy sparkly Mystique sandals.

* I have a pot full of coconut curry chicken in the crock pot and it smells just divine.  You know I swear by Taste of Home recipes - you can find the recipe here if you're looking for something easy and different for dinner tomorrow!

* I had a sad, sick weenie dog a few days ago, but she's so much better now, and back to her usual self!  Though I think yesterday officially exhausted both of us.  And of course PB took a picture.

What are your wines and loves this week?

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