Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Vlog Day!

Dear Lord help us, I succumbed to peer pressure and did a vlog for 20SB's vlog day.  And y'all.  Y'all.  I do NOT do things like this.  You're gonna see why when you watch this mess.  I could make you a whole list of things to apologize for, like the not knowing where to look and the hair flipping and the "um" and "like" issues, but hey.  It is what it is.  Dear Lord.  But here you go, a little clip of me, my screen porch, my old-lady thermometer behind me so I can complain about the weather accurately.  Happy vlog day!

Also, make sure to watch the background for Peggy Sue trying to jump UP the tree to get a squirrel.  She's really smart.  Clearly.  Also, I am aware, upon watching this video, that my accent sounds RIDICULOUS.  Sorry.  

But then, speaking of ridiculous accents, I found this video on my iPhone, and I thought I'd post it so y'all could get a little chuckle at ALL of our accents. You'll be hearing the vocal stylings of T, who was trying to make noise so a friend of ours could find our house on the lake.  It didn't work.  But I'm pretty sure we got the attention of every pig in six counties.

You're welcome.  And if you hit "unfollow" right now, I understand.  But if you enjoyed today's redneck culture lesson, I hope you'll stick around!

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Adrian {Happy girl} said...

Hey Meredith, loved the vlog! I'm a huge fan of accents, so yours is pretty wonderful :) Peggy is precious, even if shes a bit of a spazz with squirrels, my dog marlo is the same way. Also, my favorite part was you not telling us where you live, so you won't have to shoot us if we show up at your door with an ax ;) crazy girl!