Thursday, November 3, 2011

I love you because...

So far, the only thing from my Pinterest wish list I've achieved is the "I <3 you because:" board.  And I didn't even make that. I found it at a reasonable price on Etsy and decided I'd probably spend more money and do a poorer job if I tried it myself.  This, I have found, holds true for most all arts and crafts projects I decide that I need to tackle.

It turned out great, and PB hung it up in our bedroom and was even excited about it.  It's been really fun to write sweet messages to each other, and PB is actually doing it.  He wrote me a sweet note about how I cook for us most nights, and I wrote him a note about taking the weenie dogs out this morning so I could sleep in.

Of course, it's not all mushy-ushy-gushy.  Sometimes, things like this appear on the board:

Ummm.....okay then.  That goober.

In other news, I just now got over the terrible temptation of fall party cakes, and I go to Food Lion to get dinner supplies....lo and behold, that little temptress Little Debbie has put out her Christmas Tree Cakes.  And let me tell you, those are the BEST party cakes that come out all year.  Those little green sugar sprinkles?  Amazing.  Hellooooooo, holidays.  Is it acceptable for me to gain all of my holiday polar bear weight on November 2?  


If nothing else will drive you to the Little Debbies this week, sitting at my desk sure would.  I have been begging and begging for a printer.  Well, ask and ye shall receive.  We got a printer and a student computer, but there's just the one strip for internet plug-ins.  So yeah, I'm doing double Dutch until somebody can develop some kind of solution.  That doesn't involve me spending $500 for superlong interwebs cords.  Though I have to say, once the printer and my computer decide to get acquainted, play nice, and communicate, having a printer will be AMAZING.  Seriously.  

Things are exciting here, huh?  Okay, back to wine, Little Debbies, and Duggar watching.  Because I deserve it.

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