Friday, November 11, 2011

Meet the newest critter...

I realized today that I have committed a great travesty.  You haven't met Brenda Lee.  Brenda Lee is a little blue and tan weenie dog that we got the week before our wedding.  I had been after PB about getting a friend for Peg, and lo and behold, we start driving the weekend before the wedding, and he takes me to look at weenie dogs.  And then of course I had to take her home right then.  She is a MESS. 

See how innocent she looks there?  

Well, don't be fooled so easily.  I was in the shower for ten minutes, and I get out to find this.  "No mama, we didn't eat a huge hole in the bathroom rug.  No, that's not fuzzies on Peggy Sue's head.  What fuzzies?  In my mouth?  I don't know what you're talking about."

And this is what happens if you grab a beach towel out of the closet as an impromptu weenie bed, and then you fail to completely close the closet.  Also, that closet happens to be where you keep the extra toilet paper.  Whoops.

So that's Brenda Lee.  Really though, she is a sweet thing and she actually listens better than Peggy Sue as a general rule.  It's just that when they're together, they're like little criminal masterminds.  

In other news of bad behavior, this is what I saw in the hallway by my classroom the other day:

Does this not solidify my argument that we should be teaching kids phonics?  I mean come on, shouldn't all middle schoolers have mastered the correct spelling of curse words by now?

But for the children who are not poorly spelling curse words on lockers, we had a little celebratory skating trip yesterday!  There's a skating rink within walking distance of the school, even if it's a little bit of a sketchy walk.  The kids were SO excited, it was precious.  

I even dug out my own rollerblades that I think I probably got I was in the sixth grade myself.  See?

It was really a lot of fun, and I think skating's a lot like riding a bike - you just don't forget.  I didn't even fall until the very end, when a kid asked me to help her skate and I should have said no, or at least told her she'd have to try without holding onto me.  She was taller than me and girl had a DEATH grip on my arm - so when her feet started shooting out from under her about halfway around the loop, she jerked me backwards so hard that I slammed onto the concrete.  Owwwww.  My back is still recovering. All in all though, it was a super duper fun day.  I could go skating every week!

I'm glad for a day off to recover today though.  One thing I did was start getting out a few Christmas decorations!  I haven't gotten the tree down yet, but that's imminent if I can talk PB into doing it tonight.  We'll see about that though, because the Carrier Classic is on tonight.  Oh you haven't heard?  UNC is playing on an aircraft carrier!  I'm pretty excited too.  Go Heels, go America.

But anywho, I saw this on Pinterest and decided it was simple enough for me to execute:

See?  A nifty way to display Christmas cards!  I just bought some shimmery red ribbon at Walmart and stapled it to the inside of my cabinet door and attached the card with a clothespin.  I'm so excited about it because honestly, I usually just end up stacking cards in a pile and throwing them out in January because I don't ever know what to do with them.  Winning!

Have you started decorating for Christmas yet?

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