Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

As always, thanks to Chelsea at Roots and Rings for hosting!  This week's questions are written by Lauren from Texas.

1.  What are your pantry staples?
Bagel thins (love those for breakfast, or after school with some pimento cheese), spaghetti and pasta sauce (my go to meal when I don't have anything else planned), cereal of some variety (I most often buy Frosted Mini-Wheats or Cinnamon Life), and some kind of granola bars (lately I've been loving the Nature Valley squares with peanut butter.)

2.  What are your refrigerator staples?
Frank's Red Hot, milk, eggs, yogurt, butter, and wine.  There always has to be one bottle - I mean, it keeps it colder than the wine fridge does.

3.  You already look like Heidi Klum (or your favorite supermodel).  Now, what are the three non-physical things you would change about yourself?
I would be more organized.  Seriously, I am the absolute most disorganized person you know.  Shove it in a drawer, accidentally throw it out, throw it over your shoulder and into the backseat are all VERY much my MO.  Other than that, I'd be more crafty so I could make more Pinterest wonders, and I'd be less of a procrastinator.  Captain Last Minute, at your service!

4.  What's holding you back from your dream job?  (If you already have your dream job, how did you get there?)
Man, it feels good to answer this question.  I was walking into work this morning, despite the fact that it was 7:30 in the morning, thinking how lucky I am to have my job.  Basically, I was really blessed to find a way into my field with absolutely zero experience or training.  Some days, I still feel like I have NO earthly idea what I'm doing, which is a little frustrating, but it gets better all the time.  I think my ultimate dream job is still my original plan - to get a doctorate and move into school administration.  We'll see.  Life and having a job and house and weenie dogs to feed is sort of a hindrance for all that, but maybe one of these days.  Until then, I'm perfectly happy where I am.

5.  You have $500, but it has to be spent on one item only.  Go.  
A little storage building for our yard to house the lawnmower and all PB's tools and junk.  WOW, this officially means I am really old and boring.

6.  What is something you are embarrassed to admit you buy on a regular basis?
I buy a lottery ticket for just about every drawing.  I'm not ALL that embarrassed though - I always say, you can't win if you don't play.  And I wanna be on that "The Lottery Changed My Life" show.

7.  What's in/on your bed every night?
Peggy Sue, Brenda Lee, PB, my big body pillow, and two regular pillows.  It's amazing we all fit.

8.  What is a non-necessity item that, no matter how expensive it gets or how tight your budget is, you will always find room for it?
Diet Sundrop.  I can't quit it.  I've tried.  I can't replace it with anything else.  It has to be part of my life or I am not a happy camper.

9.  What is the weirdest sandwich you've ever made?
Perhaps what's weirder is that I really don't like sandwiches.  Like I don't even buy bread or lunch meat unless PB specifically requests it because I won't eat it.

10.  Would you rather: be banned from Pinterest forever, but gain a million captive Twitter followers; or, never get on Facebook again but gain five thousand blog readers?
This is hard.  I just adore Pinterest, but I also love Facebook.  I guess I'll pick between the positive alternatives.  I don't care at all about Twitter followers - in fact, half the time I forget to tweet.  So I'd definitely take the blog followers, especially because then I know I'd be doing a ton of cool giveaways and whatnot, and it would be awesome.

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