Thursday, March 10, 2011

An Award? Me?

Adrian over at Happy Girls are the Prettiest Girls was sweet enough to give me my first-ever blog award!  Thanks so much, Adrian!

{each  blogger had different rules, so I'm doing both!}
1} Thank and link back to the lovely ladies who gave me the award, gotcha!
2} Write 7 random facts about yourself/answer 10 questions
3} Pass this award along to a few other bloggers
4} Leave the a note letting them know about the award

7 Random Facts About Me

1)  I hate cold syrup on pancakes or waffles, and I hate sandwiches.  Syrup has got to be from the fridge, or at the very least, room temperature, before it's tolerable.  And I might eat a fancy sandwich from a place like Panera, or a burger - but plain white bread out of a bag and lunch meat?  Cannot stand.  I know, that's weird and probably makes  me a Communist.  I can't help it.

2)  I picked out my own engagement ring.  It's not something I advertise to a lot of people, because I hate justifying it, but it makes me happy.  I picked it out probably nine months or so before we ever got engaged, and I had no idea when we would, but I knew how much PB had saved, and I knew what I wanted, and he didn't, so it just made sense.  I figure that you wouldn't let someone else pick out your wedding dress that you'll wear for one day, so why would you let someone else pick out your engagement ring that you'll wear every day until forever?

3)  When I buy new clothes, even if it's just a $10 top from Target that I happen to really like, I'm terrible about not wearing them.  I'll think I should save it for a "more special" occasion, or that I don't want to spill something on it, or wear it out too quickly.  So that's why I end up wearing the same 5 ratty t-shirts all the time.  Probably this speaks to some greater psychosis I have.  

4)  Speaking of being psychotic, I'm afraid of balloons.  I always picture that they're going to pop suddenly and fly in my face and it's going to put my eye out or something.  I know, not rational.  But I really can't watch that TLC Show, The Unpoppables, because of it.

5)  My favorite part of my house is my screened porch. I've never lived anywhere before that had one, and I'm just obsessed with it.  It's quickly becoming one of my major requirements in any house I might ever have in the future, much like a washer and dryer or say, a bathroom.

6)  I have WAY too many shoes.  Like 40 pairs too many.  But I wear all of them occasionally.  It's something of an addiction.  I don't want to talk about it.

7) I am in love with my new MacBook.  Really, all things Mac.  And I have a pink keyboard cover and a pink hard shell case on my MacBook.  One of the 1Ls in my Civ Pro class made a comment about how she liked it but wouldn't get one because it was "probably not professional enough for law school."  I laughed in her face and this makes me a bad person.  But I love my pink, and homegirl has a lot to learn if she thinks there's such a thing as "not professional enough for law school."  Maybe she hasn't seen me grunging around some days in sweatpants.  And I think they're still gonna give me a J.D., y'all!

10 questions:
1} Why did you create this blog? 
I really have no idea.  I started it a long time ago, probably because I was so enjoying reading some other blogs.  I abandoned it and restarted a few times, but no worries, I'm here to stay.

2} What kinds of blogs do you follow? 
Goodness, everything.  Pretty sure I have over 300 unread items on my Google reader right now, so if you haven't been seeing comments from me lately, I apologize!  I'll get to you.  But I follow everyone from college girls to engaged girls to young married girls, to girls with a few kiddos.  I don't discriminate! 

3} Favorite makeup brand? 
Love Bare Minerals.  Does anyone NOT wear Bare Minerals anymore?  I swear I think everyone I know does.  But I love it, it's light and doesn't get all cakey and have lines.
4} Favorite clothing brand? 
If I had a million dollars? Anthropologie.  But y'all, I am SO CHEAP when it comes to clothes.  I can honestly tell you that as much as I like some things from Anthro and J. Crew, I dont own a single item from either one of them.  My wardrobe is pretty much Target and Old Navy.  But I really prefer to have a big variety of things to wear rather than just a few more expensive things.

5} Indispensable makeup product? 
Definitely mascara, hands down.

6}Favorite color? 
You read the part about my pink MacBook, right?  I can't grow out of the Lisa Frank stage, apparently.

7} Favorite perfume? 
I got some Burberry perfume for Christmas two years ago and have been wearing it ever since.  Wait, probably two years is too long to keep one bottle of perfume.  Or not?  Who knows about this?  Opinions, please.

8}Favorite Film? 
Probably Pulp Fiction.  Seen it a million and one times.

9} What country would you like to visit and why? 
Would loveeeeee to go to Greece, because it looks amazing and I've been obsessed with it ever since I made PB take me to see Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.  Really anywhere in Europe, especially England - I'm a big history buff, I'd love to go see some historical sites!  (Nerd alert.)
10} Would you rather forget to put blush on one cheek, or mascara on one eye? 
Definitely rather forget one side of blush.  Because mascara is vitally important, and you can always wipe that blush off the one side real quick so as not to look so strange.

Okay, time to hand out my awards!  Gah, this was hard.  Not only are these some of the blogs (out of many) that I love, I think a few of them may be blogs that y'all are not reading yet!  So go check them out!

Of course, to *Lia at BTDoubleyou
*Garnet at Mining Garnet
*Jessica at Life.
*Claire at Bicoastally

So, repost, answer the questions or do the random facts (or be like me, overachieve, and do both, ha!)  And then the hard part, pick a few blogs and pass it along!


Adrian {Happy girl} said...

Woo hoo I love all your facts and questions! Oh man, I have to admit, I picked out my engagement ring, too!! I sent my hubby an e-hint from the jewelers website, and taped up a picture of the ring for him to find. I'm bad, I know!! A girl has to do what she's gotta do!

Nora said...

I do the SAME thing when it comes to clothes... buy them, save them for a special occasion and just like that, I haven't worn them. It's kind of ridiculous. I need to fix this. Loved learning more about you :)

Claire Kiefer said...

So sweet--thank you!!! I type this from my MacBook Pro, on which I, too, have a hard shell pink case. :)

Lia said...

Thanks woman!

Micaela said...

i have the same exact fear of balloons! LOL

i am LOVING my macbook air! i just ordered a pink hard shell and keyboard protector and i can't wait for it to come in! bless my husband's birthday gift-giving xoxoxoxo!