Thursday, March 24, 2011

Happy Spreak, Y'all!

For me, it is officially spring break.  Somewhat sadly, I just realized, it's the last spring break I'll ever have! Law school only lasts for four more weeks after we get back from break - we're in the short rows now, thank goodness.

I was feeling super blah again today, but by the afternoon, I was definitely somewhat improved.  Hopefully, I'll be 100% myself tomorrow.  Which is important, because I'm getting on a plane and going to DC!  (But just so you know, PB is off this weekend, and he will be home.  With all the guns.  And with a weenie attack dog. So don't get any ideas about, you know, taking my wine fridge or my collection of boots from Payless.)

I'm going up to see my friend Lia, because it was her birthday yesterday.  So that means this weekend is her party weekend!  I even packed my sparkle TOMS, otherwise known as my mental illness shoes.  I'm flying up, since I'm going alone and I'm not too excited about driving eleventy bajillion hours by myself.  I'm a five-year-old, I get bored and lonely.  And sometimes, if you hit it right, you can get really cheap airfare, as in, cheaper than it would be for me to fuel up the FJ to drive all that way.

And let's not forget the fact that it takes like an hour and fifteen minutes to fly.  Far superior to eight or nine hours.  Or ten if you're me and have to stop for a bathroom break and to buy more Twinkies and Twizzlers every thirty minutes.  Moral of the story: if you fly with any frequency to a certain place, or if you're planning to go somewhere in the somewhat near future, sign up for - it's a fantastic way to hear about the cheap plane seats that sometimes come up!

Then this morning, I got an email from US Airways telling me to check in online - which I always do.  But I never print the boarding pass at home, because I'm always one of those people who doesn't have a functioning printer.  No matter what kind of printer I have, or how new it is, or what laptop I have, I swear that thing is always out of ink, or not communicating with my computer, or gobbling up paper like it's the Cookie Monster.  But with paper instead of cookies.  Good comparison, I know.

Imagine my surprise, when, after I told US Air I was cool with my window seat and that I didn't want to pay them $25 to check a bag, they said I didn't need to print a boarding pass!  Isn't that fantastic?  No, instead of having to deal with my stubborn mule of a printer, US Air just emails me a handy link that I can pull up on my iPhone later, bring it straight to the gate, and ta-da - ON THE PLANE!  This is a concept I can get behind.

In other happy news, I was so excited to get a surprise from my mailman today!  I'm participating in the Stay Handmade Etsy Swap that Jess organized, and my partner is the awesome Claire from Bicoastally.  She had said that my gifts were on the way, and one of them came today, just in time for my trip!

She sent me these gorgeous orchid dangly earrings from Piper Blue.  They're just wonderful!  In fact, funny story.  I sent Lia a pair for her birthday!  I saw them on her Etsy favorites, and just fell in love with them, so I sent her a pair and then added them to my own favorites.  I can't wait to wear them out this weekend!  They're so delicate and pretty, I can't hardly stand it.  Thanks so much, Claire!

Hope your Thursday has been full of happy times!

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