Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Fever (more literal than figurative)

I'm having a semi-sick day.  I woke up early this morning, as bright eyed and bushy tailed as you could imagine, made coffee, went for a run, and soaked up the gorgeous, perfect spring day we're having.  And then I got home and just started feeling...blah.  All headachey and tired and whatnot.

So I didn't go to my three-hour class where my professor just talks to himself the whole time, because I just didn't feel quite up to the 45-minute-each-way drive and the sitting for three hours and pretending to look interested.  Instead, I'm on the screened porch, still in my sweaty yoga pants from running, chuckling at the weenie dog trying to be tall enough to drink out of the bird bath. (I tried - but failed - to video this hilarity.  Tragic.) And I'm still feeling headachey and tired and blah and whatnot, but at least it's in the comfort of my own home, where it's not required that I wear real pants or pretend to be interested in anything that anyone at the law school has to say.

I'm really wishing I had the energy to go frolic around in the yard and roll in the grass though, because it's just the kind of glorious spring day that merits such an activity.

I mean, for heaven's sake just look how green my side yard is!  
Makes me want to go just wallow in it like a piglet. 

That, combined with the temperature reading on my Sunbeam old-lady thermometer, really makes me feel like I should be frolicking.  Or planting tomatoes.  Or drinking a wine slushie on a picnic blanket.

Sigh.  I suppose I'll go take a shower, and hope that washes whatever spring funk this is away, and hopefully bound out of the bathroom ready to run 5 more miles and top it off with a jumbo wine slushie.  On a picnic blanket.  Or a boat.

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