Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

It's midterm week, and thus I'm not on my normal schedule, and I have my days of the week all screwed up, which almost caused me to forget that it's Wednesday and thus time for...

I'm loving that my silver glitter TOMS finally came in the mail on this gross, rainy day!

They added some much-needed sparkle to my day. I even went so far as to rock them with black pants for my midterm hypothetical negotiation. And I got my fake client a lot more money than I thought I could have, even though I am a notoriously terrible negotiator. I think they're officially a good luck charm.

I'm loving that there is a big pot of red beans and sausage in the slow cooker, to eat over rice for dinner.

Perfect for a rainy night in!

I'm loving that Peggy Sue is not fussy when it comes to the rain. She has not let it disrupt any of her outdoor wiener dog activities. She doesn't seem to care that she is soaking wet.

She just thinks she is going to get more sausage from the crock pot.

I'm loving that PB knows the laundry is stressing me out and promised to help me tackle Mt. Washmore this afternoon.

Thank goodness.

I'm loving that I decided to blow dry my hair despite the rain. And I didn't get soaked, and my blow dry survived.


What are you loving this Wednesday?


Emily Powell said...

LOVE the Toms! So cute!!!

Michelle said...

Your hair looks so pretty! I always LOVE my hair when I take the time to do it, but it takes like 30 mins! Ugh!

BeckyJo606 said...

Such cute Toms!! And--dinner looks delicious! :)

Adrian {Happy girl} said...

Hey Meredith, great blow out and those glitter Toms are to die for!! I really have to get myself a pair soon :) I just love your blog, so much so, I gave you a versatile blogger award! You can grab it here

Meredith said...

Thanks guys! And Adrian - that's so sweet! I'm getting started on my post right now. :)

Jen said...

I am dying for the sparkly TOMS!

Nora said...

Love this! Your hair looks awesome, Mt Washmore is HILARIOUS and the Toms, oh I need a pair. Too cute.

Anonymous said...

Love the sparkly Toms!

Micaela said...

i'm missing rain!!! i love a good thunderstorm and it just doesn't happen in el paso :(

how CUTE is peggy sue!? (also loving the checkered tile!)

i seriously need to get with it and get me a pair of TOMS.

i'm loving naps during the day with my husband, pb&j for dinner and chips ;), my birthday was so special, and a cup of coffee!