Monday, February 14, 2011

Etsy love

Etsy is really my favorite - there are always amazing things to be found there.  So today, I thought I'd share some of my Etsy favorites with y'all.  Sometimes it can be tough to sift through the frightening things (Yanni nail tips, anyone?), but there are some serious treasures.

I bought this purse from Monday Morning Studios and I just love it!  It's big enough to hold all the essentials (you know, iPhone, Kindle, lotion, gun) - but it's not so big that it looks like a "mommy bag," as PB calls them.

I bought some of these adorable onesies for my friend S, who is crossing her fingers for having a Valentine's baby today!  I hope he makes his appearance before the calendar flips to February 15th!  The onesies are  from Jack and Chloe - they have precious, adorable things!

I got this adorable collar from Peggy Sue from Arlee Bee - I have a matching leash and it's just perfect with her black fur.  Very fancy.

This stamp from My Rubber Stamp is on the back of all of our save the dates - though I wish now that I had gotten the self-inking one.  Definitely would have been worth the extra $7!

I got this sign in black for my friends T and J when they got married.  I thought it turned out great, and it looks amazing sitting on their mantel!  You can find them at Mr. C Wood Products - perfect for a wedding or anniversary gift!

I also got them these coasters with their wedding date in green.  Love them!  They're from Meadow Tea, and they have lots of lovely stuff.

I got one of these for my sister for Christmas before last from The Ritzy Misfit and I just LOVE all of their stuff.  I am a softie for monograms of any kind, but these are just my favorites.  I can't believe I haven't ordered a silver one for myself yet.

I got this apron for Lia from Boojiboo for Christmas two years ago as well.  I just love a good apron - perfect for upping your confidence in the kitchen (in my opinion) as well as keeping cake batter off your jeans.  Everybody needs a good apron!

{Just so you know, these aren't ads and I wasn't perked or paid for any of these - I just wanted to share what I like with y'all so that you don't end up with a Regretsy.}


Anonymous said...

I LOVE that apron! I need to get one bad since I am a terror in the kitchen and I tend to get prettyyy messy when I bake/cook/even heat things up in the microwave.

Just found your blog, love it so far!

Meredith said...

I am the same way in the kitchen - I can't make one thing without seriously dirtying up every dish and utensil I own. Glad to have you over here in my little corner of the interwebs!!