Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ten on Tuesday!

It's that time again...Ten on Tuesday! As usual, these come from Roots and Rings and this week's set was written by Lyndsey.
1. What is your favorite childhood memory?
Oh man, so many good ones. Probably eating dinner in front of the tv in my cozy coupe. Mom used to set it up in front of the TV and serve me meals in it like I was at the drive-in movies. Remember cozy coupes? Mine had about a million miles on it.

2. What is your favorite quality about yourself?
I’m loyal and sometimes I can be funny. (That's Chelsea's answer, but I agree, so I'll stick with that).
3. What is your favorite thing that your child does?
All of my children are furry...so I'll answer about them.  I love that Tallulah scratches at her water bowl every time she drinks, like she's digging it out of the ground.  I love that Twyla fetches even though she's a cat.  I love that Peggy Sue burrows in the sheets every night.  I do not love, however, that she brought me what can only be described as a squirrel mummy this morning.
4. What is your favorite thing to do to relax?
I love to get my Kindle out, sit on the porch if the weather is nice, have a glass of wine, fire up the Netflix instant...any combination of the above will work.
5. What is your favorite restaurant? And what is your favorite thing on the menu?
Gosh this is really tough.  I love food.  Love love love food.  I could eat Nothing but Noodles every single day.  I love the Stag and Doe for a good steak and some homemade ranch dressing.  I love Carrabba's for Italian, and I love The Seafood Hut in Calabash for delicious seafood.  And of course, Sogo for Japanese. 
6. What is your favorite piece of jewelry (besides your wedding ring)?
I love my swirl necklace with diamonds that PB got me once upon a time. 
7. What is your favorite night of the week M-TH? And why?
Wednesday nights are my favorite TV nights (The Middle, Modern Family).  Also it's date night with PB and sometimes our friends T and J!  And as of late, puppy class night, where we get to watch Peggy Sue play with all her puppy friends.  
8. What is your favorite dessert?
CAKE.  Strawberry or coconut.
9. What is your favorite item in your make-up bag?
My bare minerals - for sure.  I was out for awhile and I just hated my life while I had to go back to using liquid makeup for a week or so.  Hate hate hate.
10. What is your favorite smell?
Hmmm.  Lately, cocoa butter.  I've been slathering it all over myself lately to fight the dry skin and it kind of makes me smell like hot chocolate.


Anonymous said...

I love that you had dinners in your cozy coupe like you were at a drive-in. too cute!

Ah, the squirrel mummy. Never fun when they bring carcasses to you!

Claire Kiefer said...

Totally laughing at the "cozy coupe" and the image of cute little baby you sitting in it watching tv. Too funny!!! And I loooove your animal names. :)