Saturday, February 5, 2011

Vote please!

Dear Jesus, I have been in class since 9:30 this morning.  And this junk doesn't end until 4:00.  I may go crazy.  I have officially caught up on my Google reader (which, mind you, has been sorely neglected and had over 500 unread items.)  I bought a little trinket for PB for Valentine's Day (tell you about that post-V-Day), I read on Kindle for PC, I shoe browsed, I stared at the wall.  It's just one of those classes where she's not really saying anything.  She's a sweet lady, but she's not saying anything of real substance.  So that's where I am right now.

I have no real weekend plans, besides going to Amici's Pizza to hear a band tonight.  And probably also eat a large pizza by myself and drink 29 beers.  Don't judge me.  I still have not solved this computer dilemma I told you about the other day.  The plan right now is to ignore it and pretend that will fix it.  I solve lots of problems that way.  Good plan, huh?

Time for some wedding drivel - you realize by now that this a hodgepodge post by now, right?

About the only thing I really have to left to decide about is invitations.  Well, and programs, but those will probably come post-invitations and maybe match?  Probably?  My first whine moment is - WHY ARE THE DARN THINGS SO EXPENSIVE?  Everything I like is seriously $3.75 a set.  Or at the very least, $2.00.  When you need 175 invitations, that turns into a lot of money.  And I just can't see myself spending that kind of money on paper!  Paper!

Anywho, I've been cruising Etsy, Magnet Street Weddings, Wedding Paper Divas, and emailing local companies to see if they can replicate what I like (answer: they can, but it really won't save me any money.)  So here's what I've been loving:

Ok, so there's option numero uno.  Obviously the names, wording, etc. would be changed - but there's the general idea!

There's numero dos.  Obvs not with the yellow - the color would be closer to option numero uno.  I like that it's a little fancier, but it's also more expensive, so I'd have to look into getting someone local to produce it and see if I could get them down on price.

Here's option numero tres.  The only reservation about this one is that the color is a little different and might be too light.  I *think* Wedding Paper Divas will customize it for me though.

Though I feel like this one is too much teal - I'd probably change the text color to black.  So there you have it - what I've been looking at!  

The other problem with wedding invitations is that there are just too too many to pick from.  Give me your votes!  Thoughts?  Hate them all? Let me know!


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Anonymous said...

Number two. It doesn't look too traditional or wedding-ish. I would proudly put that on my fridge, even if you were a friend I hated.

Meredith said...

Thanks y'all! That seems to be the general consensus from everyone I show, so I think that's the direction we're heading. PS - of course everyone (including me) like the most expensive one, gah! :)

Lauren said...

Stopping over from 20SB! My vote if for the first one.

Patti S. said...

They're all great, but I like the third one the best! :-) Anyone that you choose will be perfect though!!