Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: A Pictorial History of Me & PB


I rounded up some old pictures of me and PB - sort of an evolution of us, if you will.  It was weird, all of these pictures came from facebook, and then I realized that a good chunk of our relationship started before Eff Bee even existed.  Or at least when you had to go to a certain college and sign up with your .edu email to have one, and well, we weren't in college when this stuff all began.  Oh, and now, it's somehow become Wordy Wednesday as opposed to Wordless, but whatevs.

  So here's where it really all started.  Prom 2005.  Notice my sweet updo.  Also you'll notice that I've been throwing up for about an hour prior to this picture.  And NOT because I was drunk, though a lot of people thought I was, which probably upped my cool points.  At least helped make up for my crazy hair and Cinderella dress.

And here's PB and his cousin - I found these pictures on an old disposable camera (yes, those were also the days where a 2 megapixel camera was like $500 and most of us didn't own one).  PB is pretty much doing some variation of this pose in every. Single. Picture.

Look!  It's the big time, where we get to pose in crappy dorm rooms!  This was before one of my sorority formals (bet you didn't peg me as that, did you?  Good, because I was pretty crappy at it).  Somewhere circa December 2005.

Here we are on the way to a Kenny Chesney concert (hence our awesome outfits) in summer 2006.

Me and PB, out for his first legal beer!


This past summer at the beach!

So that's where we've been....right now, I'm crazily packing for the mountains and I'm convinced I'm going to need a U-Haul trailer.  Fingers crossed that a) we fit all the crap into the car and b) we don't get snowed in (which is looking more and more likely around these parts.)


Anonymous said...

Love the photos! You two are adorable :) Thanks for sharing and enjoy your trip (I assume it's a trip and not a move) to the mountains!

Micaela said...

it's good to look how far (and how much one's changed!) you've come isn't it? i'm praying you didn't need a u-haul! we just recently moved and i know how frustrating it can be, esp. with the weather everyone's been experiencing!!

safe travels for you and THANK YOU for telling me what your fave lotion was because my skin is TERRIBLE in the winter as well! :)

thanks for joining in my little giveaway-- you know how to make a girl feel special! xo