Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Love Day!

We're home from our mountain vay-cay! Updating on that later, but right now, I just felt compelled to do a Valentine's Day post. Lots of folks have strong feelings about Valentine's Day, and I supposed my position is that I don't love it OR hate it.

Candy hearts are fun, I love pink and red, and I love treats. Am I one of those people who feels like I have to have a new pair of diamond earrings on February 14th? No. I was just happy that PB and I got to go out for a little Valentine's dinner last night, probably the first time we've gone out to dinner alone in three or four months.

Isn't that crazy to think about? Our schedules are so awful that we haven't been on a date in three or four months. Unacceptable. Last night was nothing fancy, because that's not my thing. I wanted a giant bowl of pasta and some sangria from Carrabba's, but they were packed and the lady was rude to me on the phone about call-ahead seating ("We don't DO call-ahead until 7:30, but you're more than welcome to come in and wait just like everybody else.") So we ended up at Longhorn, with a raspberry firefly tea for me, a Texas tonion, and some delicious grilled salmon, sweet potatoes, and salad with their amazing spicy ranch.

After we got home, our doorbell rang, and it was our sweet neighbors with rice krispie treats wrapped in tin foil to look like Hershey's kisses!

My parents left for the beach this weekend because Valentine's Day is also their anniversary, but before they left, they dropped off some valentines for me and PB!

(Notice that one has wiener dogs!)

My mom always gets me something for Valentine's Day, and this year was no exception - she got me some precious things!

I got that adorable heart wreath aaaaand these amazing giant peanut butter cups!

I'm going to be sad when I have to take down my Valentine's Day decorations tomorrow.

How are y'all spending Valentine's Day? Hope you get lots of love (and candy)!


Nora said...

Glad you had such a fabulous date last night; I LOVE the wreath your mom gave you =) My boyfriend wrote me the sweetest card + note and gave me some of my favorite candy. And my parents? Well they gave me a gift card to Target. They know me too well. :)

Meredith said...

Don't you just love that parents are always such a sure thing on Valentine's day? Sounds like you had a good one!